Breakfast Time


Rhodes is not only the Island of the Knights but also the Island of flavors. The Mediterranean land and its fruits, the Aegean and its fish, all the ethnicities that came from the four corners of the earth to be here, are part of the local cuisine. You will have many opportunities to enjoy its dishes in one of the dozens of taverns or restaurants -in the Old Town or anywhere on the island- and we are sure you will take advantage of them accordingly.

However, we can give you one more opportunity to get in touch with the local gastronomy firsthand. Carefully selected local ingredients, along with a small booklet of simple recipes of the island, await you to use them during your stay. Because the creative experience of cooking your breakfast the local way can be the ideal start for an exciting day…


There are times when the aromas from the Old Town’s ovens, grills, and pans, combined with the notes of the local wines and spirits, turn every alley into a one-way street, leading every visitor towards the nearest restaurant table -a combination that’s hard to resist. However, for some reason, this might not seem that appealing to you.

. In that case, the taste prevails outside the walls as well: you can enjoy suma and melekounia (a local spirit and dessert respectively) or handmade appetizers in one of the dozens of taverns found all across the island. Even if you do not want to follow your culinary instinct, all you have to do is ask us.