About Design

The defenses of the Old Town were once considered an unsurpassed stronghold. But as the large, double wooden door will open, and you‘ll enter La Chapelle’s courtyard, you’ll find yourself surrendering to its charm. Maybe because the site’s character and its 8-century long presence speak louder than words -even when the only thing you can hear while sitting in the courtyard is the sound of the cicadas. 

Maybe it’s the simplicity of the lines, the earthy character of the color palette, or every suite’s comforts -or a combination of both. Over a century ago, when the French architect Albert Gabriel recorded in detail the Old Town’s plan, some of the lines he drew were dedicated to the chapel that now houses La Chapelle. Those lines may have faded over the last 100 years. But we cannot say the same about the building’s essence… 

Necessary to Know

Is a world cultural heritage by UNESCO
The medieval city of rhodes has the biggest population of permanent residents, in comparison to other European medieval cities
We can found 11 gates in the old town of Rhode. Three of them are contemporary constructions of the 20th century
The old town, is a blend of different architecture, due to the turbulent historical background